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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Damage from the New Year's Eve storm in St. Louis.

The white section in this photo is the foundation of this former house.

This is looking across Lindbergh from the residential area.

Here you can see some of the debris after clean up has began.

Another pile of rubble from the New Year's Eve Storm.

Another example of the damage on Court Dr. in Sunset Hills.

Some of the residents watch as workers clean up the area.

The car in the foreground was pounded into the ground. The home in the background was totally destroyed.

A Ford Mustang was a victim of the tornado as well.

A view of Lindbergh looking East showing a truck loaded with logs from downed trees. Many people were out looking at the damage Today. O'Leary's in in the background.

Another business that got destroyed on Lindbergh also.
The torn up lawn show where this car was tossed by the tornado.
The uprooted tree shows the force of the wind from this small tornado.

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